About us

The Brazilian Carnival is one of the most important national events since the last century. Carnival and football are sort of Brazilian “institutions”. So Dragões da Real established its own Samba School (“Escola de Samba”) in 1999.

After months of planning, in March 17th, 2000, Dragões da Real Samba School was founded with a very small budget but the greatest will to make this dream come true. There was no spot for rehearsing and practising — so everything was done in the streets, in front of the Torcida Dragões da Real office.

Then we had this fantastic support from Lavapés, the oldest Samba School in São Paulo. They let us use their big saloon and helped us with the first days of the new Samba School. Also Torcida Independente (another group of SPFC supporters) were extremely helpful back then.

With all this support and the passion of Dragões da Real members, we were the winners in the first carnival in 2001, the very first time we were in the parade. We were in Division 4 (only for newcomers) and then we went to Division 3.

In 2003 and in 2004 Dragões da Real won again and went up two divisions in the league.

Nowadays Dragões is in the main Carnival League in Brasil and its parade is countrywide broadcasted every year.

See 2018’s parade videos and pictures.